Saturday, January 14, 2006


It is a commonplace observation that men tend to be sexually wanton. Left to their own devices men will opt for multiple partners, spreading their "seed" as widely as possible. Sex is quick, often brutal, and focused on a single goal--ejaculation.

Male erotic imagination is similar, flitting from image to image as hand pumps penis in an masturbatory frenzy. Quantity not quality is paramount.

Ejaculation leaves men depleted and often out of sorts. They lose their focus on their partner or the image that prompted their masturbatory fantasy. The biological and emotional signals seem to be for the male to leave and begin searching for his next sex partner. No wonder women are so often dissatisfied with their male partners.

Female-led relationships require the male to overcome this biological predisposition and the cultural conditioning that reenforces it. Female-led relationships require the male to find ultimate pleasure in his partner's pleasure, rather than the subordinating her pleasure to his own. This reorientation is a profound challenge for a male, one that no doubt accounts for the low (but growing) percentage of female-led relationships.

A program of chastity is the best way for men to reorient themselves so they are suitable for a female-led relationship. By chastity I mean that the male in a relationship does not have an orgasm unless it is in the presence and with the permission of his partner. This definition of chastity also includes celibacy, the practice of a man outside a relationship to abstain from sex, including masturbation.

Some men and their partners prefer that the man maintain chastity through self-discipline. Some men use chastity belts to enforce their chastity. There is no one right way to practice chastity, but most agree that a man who practices chastity is expressing profound respect for their partner and women generally. Many speak of their chastity as being a gift of their sex and their sexual energy to their female superior and the superior sex of which she is a part.

For a man who is used to multiple partners or, more typically, unrestricted masturbation, chastity is a profound challenge. Yet, chastity is a challenge well worth undertaking because it can help lead to a transformation of a man's relationship with his partner. Almost every account of a chastity regimen notes that the man becomes much more attentive to the needs of his partner, serving her better both sexually and in a myriad of other ways that are pleasing to her. The many religious traditions that use chastity/abstenince as a key element of their spiritual practice and service orientation are on to something.

Chastity can be a self-generated program. Perhaps a female-led relationship is just the stuff of your erotic imagination and your partner is either ignorant of the fantasy or turned off by the idea. Resolve to restrict your orgasms to situations where you have first given her ample sexual pleasure. Begin by expressing to her your great desire for an orgasm before you have one. Over time begin to ask her for permission. If you are patient and not pushy, she might come to trust you and understand the link between your good behavior and orgasm restrictions. That understanding is often the key that unlocks the door to a female-led relationship.

A male between relationships can also benefit from a chastity regimen. Set ever increasing periods between your orgasms and feel the energy that suffuses your body when you store up erotic energy. Use that energy to make yourself a more attractive potential partner for women oriented towards female-led relationships. A single man with ample stored up erotic energy will project that energy in a desirable way if he is subtle and attentive to the needs of potential partners rather than a testosterone soaked bore.

Men without partners who want or need the assurance of a chastity belt can utilize key-holding services, women who literally hold the key to their chastity devices. If you do masturbate, practice masturbating to the edge of orgasm and then stop. Do so over a course of days or weeks before you allow yourself an orgasm. This will be good practice for effectively serving a woman with your penis when you have your next relationship. When you do have an orgasm through masturbation, set the mental scene with female-led imagery and prolong the buildup to ejaculation, imagining that you are providing sexual service to an insatiable partner.

Chastity also may be demanded by certain women who are confident in their leadership role. One Domme describes her approach to chastity as follows:

I doubt I will ever have "traditional" intercourse with a male submissive again. I want/need to feel the "rush" of being with a man who understands Me as a Woman. Every submissive male I've been with has been a substandard lover. Therefore, chastity is simply a state of being for a male submissive in My world these days. Releases are few and far between (unless I give permission for self-pleasure) since, again from My POV, bringing a submissive male to climax is too much effort for too little payoff.

Of course, in some female-led relationships the male may be asked to provide sexual service with his penis while foregoing his own orgasms, a profound mental and physical challenge. Other female-led relationships will be oriented so the chastised male will provide sexual service in every way except by using his penis. Cuckolding is often incorporated so the female gets to enjoy both the subtle ministrations of her submissive and the cock-driven pleasures from her lover.

Once the relationship has reached these advanced stages, it is for the female partner to decide how best to weave chastity into the relationship. What is important to understand, however, is that chastity is one great way for submissive men to feel and express their submissiveness regardless of whether their relationship, if any, is currently female-led.


Anonymous Richard said...

And then some of us love the woman in our life. Would never chase after anyone else. Aren't neglectful after an orgasm.

Which isn't to knock orgasm denial since we are thinking of exploring it but not because it would make me a kinder or better man.

4:32 PM  
Blogger oldbear said...

Thank you Richard. TCS, I like your post and your usual thought ful takes but this one I almost totally disagree with.

Not all of us came out of our upbringing with desire to screw everything we could get horizontal or be brutal to women in our sexual encounters. Nor do all of us leave our female partners dissatisfied. Nor does a caring attentive man have to be a passive man who can never give a lady a hard sexing if she craves it.

Female led relationships require the Lady to have the preponderance of control as she sees fit. No more no less. They do not need to include chastity, or cuckolding, or physical discipline, or anything else. Just Submission to the authority of a women. Your definition of being submissive may include chastity which may include celibacy, if that works for you so be it. But dont try to pass off one view of male sexuality as if it is THE definiton of how people need to live their sex lives.

Many of us defer to the wisdom fo our wife and are servile to her becasue we love her and cherish her. Not because she trains or corrects us, or teases us while we do domestic chores, or does anything else!

I wont tell you my way is better, cuz it may not be for you and yours. Whatever works for you all is great, i will do what works for me and her.

Must we as female authority believes be yoked under an orthodoxy of thought like some small-minded TV preacher and his followers. Sorry not for me.

If you or the lady(ies) you serve have encountered the problems you described tht is on you all. Please do not deign to speak for all servile males. As for the lady who feel sall submissive males are inadeqate lovers, so be it. I wonder what lot of subs she associates with or attracts or cultivates. I also wonder if when she said that she meant for it to be broadcast as if she presumed to classify the ability of all sub men to please all women. Or if rather she was just stating her personl experience or preference.

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Marquise said...

Old bears views sound wonderful. Also like Richards comment.

7:18 PM  
Blogger Destiny and her pet chance said...

I think the idea of chastity works for some relationships, but for me and my creature it does not. In fact if asked I would say it’s silly and if the only way I could control a submissive male or have him serve me was to deny his orgasms I would find him one dimensional and not one that has much to offer if his mind cannot think beyond his need to cum.

If his focus is just his next cum I would personally find his mind very weak. Lots of time after an intense session neither of us has had a cum but we are spent and exhausted and never felt more bonded to each other.

It is an interesting concept (chastity) and works for some submissive males, but I would argue your statement it is the "Key".


4:42 PM  
Blogger rb said...

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6:10 PM  
Blogger bdenied said...

Good posting, chastity and orgasm denial or at least ejaculation denial can be a very intense and erotic undertaking. When I am in this mode, I find myself very attentive to her needs and wants. I usually enjoy giving her pleasure as it pleases me,yet I prefer to not have her reciprocate in any way as I really like the feeling of constant arousal...For me the journey is far better than the destination.

8:20 AM  
Blogger Wayne C. Rogers said...

Your posting hit the nail on the head, covering several very important issues.

I firmly believe that chastity is vital for a male's complete submissiveness. Once a Dominant woman has a man's cock under control, his mind will usually follow as he becomes more docile to her demands.

I'm discussing the cuckolding aspects of the FemDom relationship on my new blog, which I believe takes male chastity to a new and very important level.

9:41 PM  
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